Creating a custom psx boot logo

A custom psx boot logo!

Needed tools :


Logo in blender

Logo in smxtool

See the '[Flag]' section in, p.56 for more details on these values.

Patch disk image

Original PSX logo

For reference, the original psx logo ranges from XYZ (-611, -775, -943) to (608, 231, 594) and has 560 triangles.

PSX's logo specs

You can check a tmd file with the TMDINFO.EXE utility:

TMDINFO.EXE logo.tmd

MAT file

To reduce filesize, one can use a range to specify color/shading/flags in one line :

0-256    0 F C 200 200 200 # Use light-source, flat shaded, grey for vertices 0 to 256

This would result in a stylish grey logo...


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