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Build a USB to Serial cable to communicate with the Playstation

This cable connects a PSX to a computer. If you combine this with a cart flashed with unirom, you can interract with the PSX from your computer, upload executables, access the console's memory...

What you can use :

If you have these stuff lying around, this can help :


You only need 3 wires from the PSX : Tx, Rx and Gnd.

PSX pins | FTDI pins
2        |     GND   
8        |     TX 
5        |     RX 

Which controller can be used


Connect PSX SIO pins 2, 5, 8 to the FTDI's Tx, Rx and Gnd. Done.


3.3V Arduino Uno

Some arduino unos have a jumper to use 3.3V instead of 5V levels. You can use such a board with an addintional resistor, like so :

Arduino 3.3V

Sources :

Raspberry Pi

Either over your local network or via a direct lan cable setup, you can use a rpi if you have one lying around.

Plug the PSX's serial output Rx/TX/Gnd to the GPIO14/pin 8 (Tx), GPIO15/pin 10 (Rx) and pin 6 (Gnd).

RPI to PSX serial connection

See here :

Raspberry Pi Pico

The new controller by Rpi foundation can be used with the Pico-uart-bridge firmware :

Use GPO 0/Pin 1 as Tx, GPO 1/Pin 2 as Rx and GPO 3/Pin 3 as Gnd :

Rpi pico pinout

CP2102 / CP2104

The CP2102 and CP2104 are reported to work at least in /slow mode (115200 bauds).

Rpi pico pinout

Others :

From the PSX to the controller

Method #1 : Half SCPH-1040 cable

Hack the cable, connect things and voila :


Sources :

Method #2 : Salvaged PSX serial port + full SCPH-1040 cable

Use a salvaged PSX SIO port from a dead motherboard, and use your precious serial cable without destroying anything :

Serial port

Serial port

Source :

Method #3 : Dead or spare PSX motherboard + full SCPH-1040 cable

Same as above except you don't even have to hack the SIO port off the motherboard, just solder your wires directly underneath the SIO port.

Serial motherboard

Sources :

Notes & Sources

Port série pinout :

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