Compile Reicast for 64bit Debian Jessie

Git clone reicast master branch

git clone

  1. this step is optional, but this is the commit where these steps work for sure.

git checkout 115ee47efc

Apply patch to reicast-emulator-last/core/linux-dist/main.cpp

Credits :

patch reicast-emulator-last/core/linux-dist/main.cpp yrij-zhavoronkov.patch

Optionnaly, you can

file directly and put it in the right folder.


export USE_PULSEAUDIO=1 cd reicast-emulator-last/shell/lin86/ && make

Install config file

-O ~/.reicast

Don't forget to install DC bios in ~/.reicast/data

Launch xboxdrv with right options

sudo xboxdrv --deadzone 4000 --device-name 'Microsoft X-Box 360 pad' -s

Launch reicast

./reicast.elf -config config:image=image.cdi

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